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28 August 2011

What's cookin?

Me, Aaron, and Chris (our housemate) are having a housewarming dinner for our friends tonight. Does these look all yummy dummy to you? Yey? Ney?

 Soto Betawi | Jakarta

 Oxtail Soup | Classic Indo Dish 

 Rawon | Java

Nasi Gudeg | Yogyakarta

Yes I like soup. I want to cook two of those dishes. I actually want to do Soto Betawi because it's one of my favorite local dish, and it's a signature food from my hometown. Chris told me he probably will cook some pasta, Aaron wants to grill some corns, and Matt wants to buy some durian. Matt is Chris's Australian friend btw. He's staying in one of the rooms in our house for a couple of days. Today is actually his last day in Bali, he'll be back to Lampung (Sumatra) to work.. or something. We will do the dinner on our balcony with our friends and yeah it will definitely be a fun night! Which dish should I do?

------ UPDATE
I just remember, we don't have any stove in our kitchen. Shit.



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