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20 August 2011

I hereby declare that I, Priska, am the pickle.

I’m kind of nervous writing the first blog post, but whatever. At first, Aaron had the idea of naming the blog Ketchup and Mustard, but apparently somebody thought of that first so then we pick Pickles and Onions. Pretty random, I know. However, we were debating on an internet cafe about who should be the pickle and who should be the onion, both of us wants to be the pickle because we thought it would be cool to be a green thing (??).
Anyway, yeah. I’m declaring that I am the pickle from now on (eat that, onion!!). So, yay for the green thing!
This blog, however, is a journal of me and Aaron’s random trips and journey. You probably have some questions in your head now, like, “who the fuck is Priska Djohari or Aaron Tayman”, or maybe like, “Oh yeah I think I’ve heard about them before” or maybe like, “Oh yeah that was my idiot neighbor”. You probably can find the answers below.
Priska Djohari (that’s me) is a 22 years old female Indonesian, originally from Jakarta but moved to Bali around 6 months ago. Aaron Tayman, on the other hand, is a 24 years old male American, originally from California but thinking about moving to Bali around 2 months ago and working his way there. He seems pretty serious about that. How both of us became best friends is pretty simple.. I don’t really remember. Back story on pic above: we were chilling at Cocoon on 66 Beach with a bunch of friends, 5th attempt on good pics and thats the best we can pull. Don’t say anything thanks.
We went on countless random road trips on our motorbike. Driving all the way from Kuta to Mount Batur using shorts and end up almost got freeze to death, exploring new cities, and et cetera. We have no destinations (eh.. sometimes we do actually), all we are looking for is another good epic times, like when Aaron crashed our motorbike (ok that WASN’T good).
This blog post ends right here, and last thing I’m going to say here is… I’M THE PICKLE, TTTTARD!


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