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20 August 2011

Dream House Fail.

So yeah. Hi.

We had this huge plan of moving to a new house we hope we can call home. We found this house about a week ago when we were looking for a new place to live. At first, the idea was just a tiny little apartment or kost that will fit the both of us, but then on our search, we met these two dudes offering us a house that we can rent. So we checked it out and fell in love with it. It's a beautiful 3 bedroom balinese style house with a beautiful family living in front of the house. And we moved in.. and yeah.. FAIL.

A lot of mosquitoes, which actually I'm not really bothered with it because mosquitoes never like me somehow.. I wonder what did I do wrong to them :(. The toilet flush doesn't really work. Oh um.. correction. Doesn't even work. The sink is leaking and flooding the living room. The bed is dirty. The bathtub is quite nasty. The water goes on and off. Bottom line, it's a perfect dream house anyone would ever want.What bugs me the most is how noisy the animals in the neighborhood can be. A lot of homework to do.

Aaron was picking up hairballs on the bathroom floor, duct taped the window so the mosquitoes cant come in, and spraying the doors with mosquito spray and fogging the room with it, and bitching about it the next day. Hahaha. Too bad I don't have a digital camera with me now so I can't give you the house pic.

I'm going to do a massive cleaning tomorrow and see how it works out! Wish me luck!



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