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25 August 2011

Ubud Woo Hoo!

We went on another road trip and this time we went to Ubud to see monkeys in Monkey Forest. I've been in Bali for 6 months already but I've never been there before. Lame, I know. So yeah we went there and saw these beautiful forest with 600+ grey monkeys inside.

We suppose to pay Rp20.000,- to get inside the forest but somehow when we passed the front gate they didn't ask for any money. Aaron grabbed a banana and put it on his shoulder so the monkeys will climb to him and it was a huge success. You need to watch your purse and things though because these monkeys can be very curious. There was a pond there and we saw 4 monkeys playing with water while taking a bath. It was quite a show! We explore the forest and saw this beautiful bridge, feels like I was in a chinese colosal movie scene lol. No joke.

Then we went to a temple inside the Monkey Forest and chill there for a bit while getting Aaron's Bahasa Indonesia lesson going.. That's until a group of monkeys came towards us and we ran away.

We continue exploring and found a rice field there. Beside the rice field, there was an abandoned tree house. It was suppose to be a tree house cafe but seems like the business shuts down. We went in there to check it out and we wrote "Priska and Aaron was here" on the wall to mark our trip. We looked at the rice field, it was beautiful with the sun shining and giving a superb effect on the rice field. We went through it and found a restaurant called.. Um.. I forget. We spent a couple of hours there drinking bali coffee and banana juice while having one of the most interesting conversation me and Aaron ever had. We make our way back home.. and got a ticket from a police officer cos I ran off a traffic light and that cost me 50k. Damn it!



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