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13 September 2011

3 week countdown till Korea

Korea here we come! 3 weeks till were there. Gonna hit it with a blindfold on! No map, money, direction, plan, no clue what were gonna do, but it will be epic!!!!
Ps: see you soon in Jakarta Priska. Miss you buddy.....

09 September 2011

My Departure to Jakarta, Happy Ending in Korea.

I'm at the Ngurah Rai Bali airport now, enjoying my cup of coffee and holding myself not to yell to Lion Air bcos my flight got delayed for two hours. I'm flying back to Jakarta for a bit to deal with my paper works and guess what. Pickle and Onion are bringing this blog to Korea!

Yeah you read it right. Me and Aaron will travel to Korea to see our friend Lance. We will make a stop in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, for a couple of days before Korea. From Kuala Lumpur, we will fly to Seoul and take a train, or bus, or whatever it will be to Daejon, South Korea, where Lance lives.

Now, what I gotta do when I land my feet in Jakarta is.. wait for my brother to scoop me up and take me home and go to bed.. Doh. After that, I'll deal with all the paper works and get it done and wait for Aaron to come to Jakarta on 27th of September and fly our asses to Malaysia. He got the Jakarta ticket already. We are one step closer to Korea. New place, new adventure, same old stupid bitches (thats us).

Get ready for us, Korea!

08 September 2011

Food for thought

Epic Meal Time at our house. The owners and locals were welcoming back Wayan. One of the owners sons. Had a feast, Balinese style. Priska and Jessica are hiding, can you find them? Sorry guys, I dont know why theres no photos of you! The food was great!

Time goes by fast; miss my brother and my dad...

Wish my brother and dad were still here. Had some of the funnest times and memories with them.

Onion's Weekend Getaway Summary

This pretty much sums it up. I hate you Aaron.

Video by balizumba (Trevor Chee-A-Tow) on Vimeo.

Gilimanuk Culture Trip

Ibu (lady) - our landlord, asked us if we want to join them for a trip to Gilimanuk. There will be a ceremony there, she said. We went on hours and hours of bus ride with a group of Balinese people to the first and second oldest temple in Bali. To honor the culture and religion, we wear traditional Balinese costume. The road trip was exhausting but fun at the same time. This time it's not just me and Aaron. We have a friend coming over from California and she'll stay here in Bali for one month with us. Meet Jessica Brodeen, everyone.

Me and Jess in front of the house before we left to pick up point

Bus ride! - Aaron is looking good with traditional Balinese costume! Ha I can't believe I just said that.

After 3 hours of bus ride, we finally arrived at the first temple of Bali.

Another bus ride to the second oldest temple in Bali. We drove through a forest and we found a very beautiful beach after going 45 minutes through the forest.


28 August 2011

What's cookin?

Me, Aaron, and Chris (our housemate) are having a housewarming dinner for our friends tonight. Does these look all yummy dummy to you? Yey? Ney?

 Soto Betawi | Jakarta

 Oxtail Soup | Classic Indo Dish 

 Rawon | Java

Nasi Gudeg | Yogyakarta

Yes I like soup. I want to cook two of those dishes. I actually want to do Soto Betawi because it's one of my favorite local dish, and it's a signature food from my hometown. Chris told me he probably will cook some pasta, Aaron wants to grill some corns, and Matt wants to buy some durian. Matt is Chris's Australian friend btw. He's staying in one of the rooms in our house for a couple of days. Today is actually his last day in Bali, he'll be back to Lampung (Sumatra) to work.. or something. We will do the dinner on our balcony with our friends and yeah it will definitely be a fun night! Which dish should I do?

------ UPDATE
I just remember, we don't have any stove in our kitchen. Shit.