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08 September 2011

Gilimanuk Culture Trip

Ibu (lady) - our landlord, asked us if we want to join them for a trip to Gilimanuk. There will be a ceremony there, she said. We went on hours and hours of bus ride with a group of Balinese people to the first and second oldest temple in Bali. To honor the culture and religion, we wear traditional Balinese costume. The road trip was exhausting but fun at the same time. This time it's not just me and Aaron. We have a friend coming over from California and she'll stay here in Bali for one month with us. Meet Jessica Brodeen, everyone.

Me and Jess in front of the house before we left to pick up point

Bus ride! - Aaron is looking good with traditional Balinese costume! Ha I can't believe I just said that.

After 3 hours of bus ride, we finally arrived at the first temple of Bali.

Another bus ride to the second oldest temple in Bali. We drove through a forest and we found a very beautiful beach after going 45 minutes through the forest.



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